A so called perfect combine harvester blade has to be both hard and wear resistant. Hard because it has to cut through the crops both wet and dry, and wear resistant to give it a longer life. Also it should not be brittle nor get wraped whenever an obstacle comes its way. To fulfill all these requirements we at VERSA AGRO had researched a lot to give the farmers best suitable for them.

The general trend in manufacturing harvester blades is that they are induction hardened at the cutting edges (55-58 HRC) while rest of the area is kept as it is (15-18 HRC). Though due to the inductive portion the cutting edges don't wear off easily but being brittle may break off at that portion when an obstable comes and may get wrapped at the soft part which reduces the cutting efficiency of the blade.

To overcome this problem we at VERSA AGRO has come up with bit different blade where the hardness of the cold rolled strip, from which the blank is cut is kept at 20-25 HRC. This quality gives the otherwise soffter part some toughness against wrap page. After that the blade is induction hardened at the cutting edges to about 58-60 HRC. After all this the complete blade is oil tempered to give the cutting edges the toughness required to cut through the crop without breaking and lasting long.